Sunday, July 1, 2012


MSIR's Zoey is missing.  She was last seen in Olathe, Kansas near 119 and Ridgeview.  She is wearing a blue and pink collar with tags, a harness, and is dragging a leash with a pink heart shaped poop holder attached to it. 

Zoey is shy and timid with people.  She does know her name and will respond to "Zoey" or "'ZoZo".  If you see Zoey please do not chase her as this may only scare her more.  Approach her calmly.  When shibas like this get scared they will typically do one of two, and keep running OR hide.  Check under decks, stairs, or any small crevice that a shiba may tuck in to to feel safe and keep cool.

You can follow the link to find her Missing Flyer.

If you see or find Zoey please call Dianne at 913-707-8561 or Midwest Shiba Inu Rescue at 630-225-5046.

Zoey has had multiple surgeries on her back legs, because of this she may tire easily and is not to have alot of impact on them.  Please help us bring this little girl home!

Thank you!

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  1. Zoey was found and is safe! Thank you to everyone who helped look for her, who cross posted her information and who prayed/sent good thoughts, vibes, kept their paws crossed, etc...