Sunday, July 22, 2012

WANTED: Minori

Meet Minori (AKA The Damsel in Distress)! Minori is guilty of enjoying being a spoiled little princess. However, this little damsel deserves being pampered considering the life she led before rescue.

Minori was released to MSIR by a commercial breeder because she was not producing puppies.  When brought to the vet, it was found that Minori had an extreme case of endometrioci and her uterine wall was on the verge of collapsing.  Luckily, because Minori was able to receive quick medical attention and a spay this issues was resolved before it could cause her further damage.

In addition, Minori's gums were infected and she had to have several teeth removed.

Minori was also being treated for hemmorraging of her eye. Initially thought to be glaucoma or some other disease it was later found that the cause of damage to her eye was from some form of physical trauma. With proper medical treatment, Minori is recovering well and her eye has been treated for an infection.

If not for rescue, dogs like Minori would die due to neglect. See her "Before" and "After" photos below.

Minori, upon coming into rescue.

Minori, in her new foster home after receving medical care and a little TLC.

After the generous discount by the veterinary clinics, The Wisconsin Four's initial vet care costs total $3482.76.  We need your help to cover the costs of rescuing these very worthy shibas.  Minori, along with her co-bandits: Gibbs, McGee, and Finn, are ready to start this next chapter of their lives as forever friends.  Thank you for helping them get there.  To donate to the Wisconsin Four, please visit

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  1. Very cute and awesome dog, really looking very nice. For me its chance to see them and enjoy their innocence which make him more beautiful.

    Marks Dorcel