Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Toast to Luda

Two years ago, I took a trip to Minneapolis to pick up Ludacris.  Like most rescue dogs, he didn’t really have any history.  All I knew was that a family had rescued him from a kill shelter, but couldn't keep him and surrendered him to MSIR.  I fell in love with him instantly.  Maybe it was his toasted ears, or his pink pig nose, or maybe because he would keep nudging me with his head trying to get petted...he has so many qualities that make him loveable.  So I would like to toast to Ludacris, on our special day, for always being such a great MSIR ambassador.
For always tolerating the foster dogs that comes into his home
With foster Snowy
For allowing Piper to use his tail as a chew toy
For letting Thor snuggle in bed with him
For dealing with the ninja, aka Ginger
For sharing his toys even though Yoshi takes all the stuffing out
For always going to pet expos and letting everyone pet him
With foster mom Cindy
For dressing up as a pig while passing out candy on Halloween
For being a co-pilot in numerous transports
Between Bubba and McGee on their way to Michigan
For never eating the treats in the goodie bags
For getting SO excited to greet me that you run into walls
For being my amazing shiba boy.
When people aske where I got him from and I say that he is a rescue dog, I generally get a “oh that’s great that you saved him”.  The reality is, the rescue dogs save us. They teach us so much about life;   to be excited about the little things, to enjoy life,  to wag your tail a little more and worry a little less,   and how to unconditionally love someone above yourself.  More importantly, rescue dogs teach us to be resilient.  They demonstrate that no matter how bad their past life was and what struggles they endure, they will always overcome and find their happiness.  So here’s a toast to Ludacris and all other rescue dogs – thank you for saving us!
Joahnna Osmena, MSIR Adoption Coordinator