Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wanted: Finn (aka Pip Squeak)

Finn is one of the Wisconsin Four and is asking for your help to cover the costs associated with his patella surgery.  Finn was rescued from a commercial breeder.  He was released to rescue as a pet store reject because his "legs were bad". 

Finn was diagnosed with grade 4 advanced patellar luxation with angular limb deformity, this is a condition that left untreated would make it near impossible for Finn to walk, let alone run, play and enjoy a life without pain and discomfort.

Bascially, what this means is that Finn was born without a groove for his left kneecap to rest in. The ligaments surrounding his left knee are not holding the bones or patella in the correct location. Therefore, the tibia and femur have been growing out at an angle. Due to the severtiy of the angular limb deformity surgery was recommended immediately. With cases like this there is a very small window to correct the situation before the bones have grown out at too much of an angle to fix with surgical correction. As you can see in the video taken at 10 weeks, he was already having issues running, walking and supporting his weight on his back legs. Without surgery, he would lose the ability to support any weight on his left leg.

Even with the generous rate reduction from Dr. Lyle and Crest Animal Hospital in Kansas City, MO the vet bills for Finn's care will exceed $1,000 to date, he may require additional surgery and care before he is given the "all clear".  Your donation to MSIR will help cover the costs of the vet bills associated with Finn and the rest of the Wisconsin Four.  We are raffling off beautiful handmade Shiba Inu pottery:

Please click here to purchase your raffle tickets for the Wisconsin Four! 

Tail wags and puppy kisses from Finn!  http://shibarescue.org/listings/wisconsinfour/purchaseRaffleTickets.html

Finn will be available for adoption after he is released from medical hold.  For more information on adoption from MSIR please visit www.shibarescue.org.

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