Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Raisin Diaries...FUR!

HA boy did I do it today!

My shiba foster brothers and sisters are blowing their coats. You can just imagine the hair in our house right now.  Well, my foster Mom was brushing them and she sits on the floor and makes this pile of hair, then she picks it all up and puts it in the garbage. Well she was brushing them and putting the hair to the side. It was this big pile, kind of like leaves for kids. I jumped on the pile and started throwing the hair everywhere. By the time she realized what I was doing and caught me there was hair everywhere. Oh my Gosh it was fun!  The other dogs were chasing me and hair was flying. Good thing she owns a pet hair friendly vaccum.  I am so much fun right now and really cute. Max is a good dog too, he just needs a home that understands him.  We all do!

Check out this video of me an my foster brother Max playing.

Just see what some home is missing?


  1. I could not get the video to work? Is it browser specific? Did anyone else get it to work, if so how?

    1. Safari said the link was invalid.

    2. I replaced the link with one to our youtube page...hopefully this works for uou! Thanks for the feedback!