Friday, March 30, 2012

MSIR Alum Update: Jace

We got Jace (he was Jase in the records) when he was about 10 months old. He is the perfect example of a true shiba - very standoffish, unless he knows and loves you.

We set out with MSIR to adopt a dog, but Jace came up in need of fostering. We had another shiba, Nami, who is a red sesame, who was two years old. As the transport was happening, we received a few emails about Jace - namely that he was very scared, and pretty angry. He would not let anyone get a good look at him, and the second leg of his transport people told us to probably just take him home before letting him out.

However, we knew he'd been on a long trip, so we carefully prepared, and let him out in our meet-up place. Although he was initially scared, he took to us, and claimed his place in the family within minutes. By the time we were back in the car, he was licking our faces and claiming his spot in the car. From the minute we arrived home, we knew he wasn't a foster - he was ours.

Jace came to us at 26 lbs., and has become a very hearty eater. He now weighs 38 lbs. which is a great thing - because little 14 lb. Nami loves to boss him around - and his weight often is in his favor! He's also a pretty good theif. He quietly sneaks things off the counters - we've lost chicken breasts, steaks, countless sticks of butter, and even bags of chips to his silent sneaking! He will stand on his hind legs, pick off what he wants, and then run to another room and DEVOUR whatever it is - so we have to be really careful with turning our backs!

Aside from his weight, Jace is steadily growing in many ways. He is very protective of us, and grows attached to people who play with him. A few throws of the tennis ball, and he will lick you to death! He is known for playing fetch for hours on end. :)  Although there are things that stick out to us as odd behavior, Jace's quirks are slowly being overcome. He was very used to being chained up, so he often doesn't know what to do with the opportunity to run and play. He very much likes to stick near us whenever possible. He especially likes to lay with me in bed if I get to sleep in - even above going outside or getting a treat!  Jace does not like to be scared, picked up, or touched. But, since he loves treats, we have worked with him and he's getting better about letting people touch his legs and paws.

Every day, Jace brings us so much joy! We were so pleased to have him join our family, and as he continues to grow and get more attached to us (and us to him) - we feel so glad to have been able to give him a good home. We keep encouraging our friends to check out MSIR, too, for their next friend!

Submitted by Gina H. (Minnesota)

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