Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hey, it's me...Raisin!

Hi!  My name is Raisin.  From time to time I may write in and tell you all a little bit about how I am doing...well, at least until someone decides to make me their own.

When I came to the rescue I came with my brothers and sisters.  They said we all had some problems with our hearts.  I knew that I wouldn't have to worry because that's what a rescues do - they take in puppies and dogs like myself who may be a little broken, or sick, or naughty, or homeless and scared and they help them to become healthy good dogs.  Plus, they said I would get my very own home someday!  Woohoo!  I can't wait to have my own bed and people to snuggle with!

I was the runt of the litter and the other puppies were very mean to me. They were very good puppies but they would pin me on the floor and push me aside to get attention. They were so much bigger than me that they would not let me get at the food and would crush me. They were all over 7lbs and I was only 4.5 lbs. My foster Mom took me to this lady (my new foster mom called her a vet) who gave me shots and did mean things to me. She sent me to another vet that did more mean things to me. My heart pounds really hard but I don't know what the big deal is cause I just want to play and get some attention. 

That cute little white dog at the top of the page, that's my sister Koko.  She got adopted a few weeks ago.  Actually, all of my siblings got adopted.  I don't know why they got adopted before me because I think I am much cuter than them.  Well, that's what my foster mom tells me at least.  I mean, come cute am I?

My new foster Mom is really good to me. I have been with her 5 weeks. I have gained 3 lbs and now she will let me play with those other dogs I have been watching. She laughs at me a lot. The big boys she calls Wolf and Max will ignore me so I pull their tails and ears. They try to tell me stop but what the heck???    I will sneak up on them and steal their toys. I hear my foster Mom say be careful they are going to put you in your place but I don't know what that means, so I don't care.

She wasn't happy with me this morning. She takes me in the bathroom when she takes her shower and this morning I got the end of this paper that was hanging and ran around and around this white thing until there was no more paper to pull. I was really quiet so that she did not hear me. I heard her tell someone that I had wrapped a whole roll of toilet paper around the toilet what ever that is. She laughed when she yelled at me so I don't think she really meant it. I stole her sock too and kept running while she was trying to catch me. LOL, she needs the workout. She has started calling me Craizin Raisin because I do funny things.

My foster Mom is hoping someone will adopt me soon even though I have a heart issue. The cardio vet lady says I have something called a Ventricular Setpum Defect but I'm not sick right now and should live a long time with monitoring and proper care.  I guess that just means I get to go to the vet a few more times, but she gives me treats and tells me I'm cute so I'm OK with it.  I am so much fun and such a good puppy. I really do want a home of my own.

If you want more information on how to make me your own puppy you can search the shiba rescue site...I think there is a site that has more pictures of ME, and some other dogs that need good homes too.  Like my foster brother Max!


  1. Raisin you are sooooooooooooo CUTE!! I have a Shiba Pack of 4 here with me and they all say they can't wait until you find a home!!!

  2. Raisin, you are the man! Somebody is going to be super lucky to have you as their family pet!